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Our service offering has been expanded to include Complete Legal Services.

Whilst we specialist in Corporate and Tax Law, this service is also now backed up by expert legal support, which includes, but is not confined to;

  • Litigation
  • Contracts
  • Labour and CCMA
  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholders agreements
  • And general legal matters, such as representation in court, defence etc.

Our firm is backed by established attorneys and advocates.   Mail us at info.



What makes us different from most accounting firms?  Herewith a brief description of what makes us different;

Tax How many Tax Practitioners are willing to go the extra mile on your behalf, ie fight the tax authorities, instead of just being a glorified tax collectors, hounding you, the taxpayer for payments, to SARS! We have a track record(80% success rate, SARS Not always wrong!)  on the following;

  • Objecting and appealing wrong tax assessmentsTax Law
  • Reviewing Vat , PAYE and Tax assessments for errors
  • An ongoing investigation on questionable PAYE anomalies and SARS Recon Assessments
  • Vigorously pursuing SARS  and pointing out errors in their processes
  • Securing refunds, reversal of wrong assessments and rescinding tax judgements
  • Fearlessly defending our clients, using tax law as well as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. For more info.

Financial Reporting Financial statements and reports(from other accountants) are rejected by financial institutions for the following reasoIFRSns;

  • Figures do not  tally
  • Certain important information(cash flow statement, equity statement) is absent from report
  • The report is sloppy and uses an old, outdated format
  • Key information on directors, address accounting policies are missing
  • Importantly, the financial statements do not comply with International Reporting Standards(IFRS)
  • On perusal of many accountants and auditors financial statements , we can proudly state, that none of their financial statements, match our quality standards!

Our financial reports comply with all the latest requirements of IFRS, and in our 20 year existence we have never had a financial report returned due to errors or misstatements. For urgent assistance, email us at info

Corporate law




Corporate     Specialist in company law. Apart from registering companies, we can offer other services such as;

  • Updating register of members
  • Director  changes
  • Share registers
  • Share certificates
  • AGM notices
  • Minutes of board meetings
  • Removal of directors
  • Dividend declarations
  • Companies Act of 2008 interpretations
  • Annual returns
  • Re-instatement of deregistered companies
  • Solving complex cases with regards to  deceased members/directors of companies
  • Corporate Governance

We employ qualified accountants and support staff for these functions, in-house. Please refer to services section. Enquiries here.




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