We are dedicated to provide an exceptional service to our clients. We have 25 years of experience in this field, and the necessary skills to address any major business, finance and tax problem. But mainly, it is to grow with our clients.


  • Business Formations

Business formation is a necessary early step when starting a business, whether you’re incorporating or forming a partnership. The way in which your business is formed will determine the personal liability of the founders, how taxes are paid, and other important details.

  • Tender Advice Centre      

Advice on tenders. For example, to bid for a project, to apply and meet specs for formal offer .

  • Bookkeeping

This is the systematic recording and organizing of financial transactions in a company. Bookkeeping provides the information from which accounts are prepared. It is a distinct process that occurs within the broader scope of accounting.

  • Accounting   

This is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions pertaining to a business, and it also refers to the process of summarizing, analyzing and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies and tax collection entities.

  • Payroll   This is the sum total of all compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period of time or on a given date.  This service is also offered to our clients.
  • Tax Services     

This is the process of preparing tax returns, at our firm it means maximising legal tax deductions, reducing wrong assessments, consulting , planning,dispute resolution, and acting as your tax representatives at SARS.

  • Financial Planning       

This is a comprehensive evaluation of an investor’s current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans.

  • Budgeting   

This is an estimation of the revenue and expenses over a specified future period of time and is compiled and re-evaluated on a periodic basis. A surplus budget means profits are anticipated, while a balanced budget means that revenues are expected to equal

  • Legal Advice

This is the assessment and application of principles of law to a particular factual situation. Legal advice generally involves suggesting or predicting a course of action based upon the evaluation of a person’s or entity’s particular legal situation.

  • Business, Tax & Finance Training Centre

financial expert with advanced training and knowledge of tax law who  is open to taking on trainee’s.

  • Small Business Consultancy    

This is a consultant that works with clients on strategy, planning and problem solving, and helps our clients develop business skills and knowledge. These topics range from designing a business model or marketing plan, to determining which marketing techniques to use and how to use them.

  • BEE Certification

A BEE-rating certificate is a document that indicates a company’s level of BEE compliance.

  • BEE Consulting       

Our experienced consultants  can assist and share best practice tips and experience. As they have been developing strategies for other businesses that can share in their experience of what does and does not work.

  • Accounting Software      

This is an application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance.

  • Non Profit Assistance (Tax and Finance)

We offer assistance to NGO’s, which is the type of organization that does not earn profits for its owners. All of the money earned by or donated to a not-for-profit organization is used in pursuing the organization’s objectives and keeping it running.

  • School Reviews/Examinations/Audits

This is a formal examination of an organization or individual’s accounts or financial situation which includes the final report of an audit.

We endeavor to grow our business with our customers, suppliers, employees, and our community.



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