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Business needs specialists in Tax and Corporate law. “South Africa has no specialised business law practitioners to deal with company law”-Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies .We fully cognizant of this fact. We also aware, that Income Tax Law practice, is also equally neglected! We offer a specialized service, integrating tax law, with numerical data interpretations. We vigorously opposed to unfair treatment by the Tax regime, our record speaks for itself.

Quick Note:

SARS is reminded that it is illegal to divulge or leak confidential information to the press.Now I am no fan of Malema, or any of the criminals that have fallen out with other  criminals in government.But please respect our Constitutional Rights! All faith will be lost in SARS, and you will be unable to collect taxes from the public ,if  they do not trust  in you..

Tax                                                                                                          tAX LAW

The Tax Administration Act of 2011, makes tax compliance exceedingly expensive and difficult. Non compliance, can be devastating to a struggling or growing small business. Negligence with taxes leads to business closure.

Tax Audits are increasing and most companies are not prepared for this onslaught. Understatement penalties(non disclosure of income), are raised after audits, leading to more business hardships.

Many taxpayers are not aware of their rights. You the taxpayer have the following rights;

  • You can refuse an audit
  • You can object
  • You can appeal
  • You can request Alternative Dispute Resolution(mediation)
  • You can apply for adjudication to the Tax board
  • You can complain to a Tax Ombud
  • You can seek relief in Tax Court
  • Your rights are protected by the Constitutional Court

We assist with the above, without fear of intimidation by tax authorities.

 Corporate law







Specialist in company law. Apart from registering companies, we can offer other services such as;


  • Updating register of members
  • Director  changes
  • Share registers
  • Share certificates
  • AGM notices
  • Minutes of board meetings
  • Removal of directors
  • Dividend declarations
  • Companies Act of 2008 interpretations
  • Annual returns
  • Re-instatement of deregistered companies
  • Solving complex cases with regards to  deceased members/directors of companies
  • Corporate Governance


We experienced and proficient with all of the above, and any other company related query.


None of the above, can  be performed without accounting and other administrative support. We employ qualified accountants and support staff for these functions, in-house.Please refer to services section.













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