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Every company or organisations survival depends on three strong, effective viable departments;

* A finance department

* A Tax department

* A legal and administrative department

For small organisations this obviously is an expensive exercise, so why not allow us to fulfill that role and intercede on your

behalf. Below you will find more general services as a summary, but go to “sub-pages” , ie Finance, Tax and Corporate, in the services section for more detail.



SGAFC fully supports foreign investment, and we welcome specifically  business people from the African Continent. In order to qualify for this type of Visa, you will require a substantial list of documents. We can provide a complete package. Included in the package would be among others, A Business Plan, A Certificate issued by a chartered accountant, registered with the South Africa Institute of Chartered Accountants or a professional accountant, registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants. email



* Monthly Bookkeeping

* Accounting to reporting date

* Business Formations

* Tax Services(Company and Individuals)

* PAYE, UIF and Tax Registrations

* Non Profit Tax Exemption registration

* Non Profit annual reports

* Financial Statement Preparation

* Financial Analysis

* Business Plans

* Bee Certificates

* Payroll(Including paye, uif and WCA)

* Trusts and estate planning

* On Line Consulting (Business Plans are prepared from all the information you e-mail us, and emailed back to you. CIPRO Annual Returns and BEE certificates also prepared swiftly on line. We can also offer advice, interpretations and opinions from information that you send us) e-mail:

Reasonable Rates Free tax returns, for directors and principals of client firms.Before you go….did you know we can perform a full diagnosis of your company…tax and company compliance, for FREE!

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