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How Accountants Can Help You Beat The Recession

The difficult economic conditions, foisted on business by fuel and food price increases have compelled many big and small business to slash expenses.

Accounting services are one of those “unnecessary” expenses that a business will target in their crisis budgets.


The irony is, that in times of economic hardships, accountants are needed more than anything ever. The saddest ramification of the “economic crisis” is that business people are now just sitting on the behinds, complaining and doing absolutely nothing about their plight. Little positive action is taken to solve problems creatively.


For the first time in years, accounting firms are under severe pressure, not only due to the economic conditions, but also due to a host of regulations and laws that has been promulgated, to clean up the industry. Accounting firms are compelled to toe the line, and apply high standards in their work.


So clients can rest assured that they would find accountants whom are: a) desperate for your business and b) compelled by law to behave and act ethically.


Using a professional accountant will assist you in the following ways to beat the recession:


  • Budgeting

Drawing up a budget for both your business and household income and expenses.


  • Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management in these difficult times is the main factor that will make a break a business.



  • Tax Planning

No business or individual can afford to be negligent with his or her personal and business taxes. Every cent counts. An accountant can assist you to find all those legal loopholes that can benefit the individual or business financially from a tax perspective.


  • Debt consolidation and restructuring.

Re-financing assets and consolidating debts in one financed asset, either through a second mortgage, or re-financing of machinery.

Accountants can also restructure your debts, in conjunction with your creditors. They   possess the “Insider knowledge” of your business finances.


  • Reports

Reports such as financial statements, cash flow forecasts and budgets are vital for the business, if the business is going to re-structure its affairs. The financial institution will require these reports, when   finance is provided.


  • Improving bookkeeping

Since money is tight, record keeping of all expenses will have to improve drastically. The accountant can assist in cleaning up messy books, and track fruitless expenditure, thus saving the business substantial sums.

Accounting fees may be considered a “luxury”, to business, and that is understandable, but every business should put an accountant to proper use in these harsh economic times