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Tax Compliance and Complex Tax Cases

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Tax Compliance and Complex Tax Cases

Tax Morality?

A “guilt trip” stick that government is whipping taxpayers with. Bullshit, we at The SGAFC Group say. Most people are law abiding, and gladly comply with their taxes.

Much research has gone into the necessity of taxes, and whether taxation of society can be justified. I tend to agree with such assertions, and believe that various  societies will revolt against these taxes.

The current status quo ,regardless , of your or my opinion, is that taxes should be paid! In the US, some proof has been availed that taxes are not legal. In South Africa , however, lawmakers covered their asses with laws in the Supreme Law,-The Constitution, The Income Tax Act and The Tax Administration Act. So there is just no getting away from taxation. New shitty laws , like e-toll and other levies can be challenged, and mass boycotts are encouraged. But I will NOT encourage individual negligence with Taxation Laws, for anyone, since SARS and the NPA , are on a conviction spree, and cannot wait to make examples out of errant taxpayers! A MUST READ , CLICK HERE!

Tax Law

Tax Law in South Africa is complex. In fact the number crunching involved in unraveling SARS Tax assessments and computations can be daunting. Not impossible. This unfortunately makes compliance expensive. Whilst certain electronic mechanisms like SARS Easy File, and SARS Efiling is in place , “for your convenience”, lay taxpayers will not be able to decipher new “entries” on tax forms like “journal payments, and “recon assessments”, which I suspect is a ruse , to befuddle taxpayers, and inflating taxes..

The situation has become so severe, that tax consultants and accountants, refuse to challenge tax cases, and just advise their clients to pay up.  I am shocked to learn that advisors at the big four audit firms, with all the expertise and resources are turning away legitimate  tax cases.

Our Passion

Out of a passion for helping beleaguered taxpayers, our firms Tax Division(SGAFC Group), is dedicated to assist taxpayers. We have a trained eye for serious flaws, in SARS tax computations, as well as violation of taxpayers rights. We can proudly state that we have and are in the process of resolving(winning), difficult Tax Cases that well meaning, established tax firms were unable to resolve. We make extensive use of Objections, Appeals, Tax Ombudsman, Tax Board, Tax Courts  and general courts. I re-iterate. Solving your tax matter, is not “hard work” or “stressful”. We enjoy it!(money is secondary, our love for the work comes first!!)

Stay with current tax advisors

You need not abandon your current advisors, we only interested in assisting with a specific matter. Areas covered;

  • Vat reconciliations
  • Vat Audits
  • Vat Assessments
  • PAYE
  • PAYE Audits
  • Income Tax Assesments
  • IT34(Assessments) queries
  • Legal defence for tax cases


For consultation we offer the following

  • A fully equipped office, with Board Room Facilities, Video conferencing, Wi-Fi and IT/ telecommunication equipment.
  • Meeting or representing you  at SARS offices  in the major centers, or  at court.