What would constitute major tax crimes?

  • Failure to lodge tax returns
  • Lodging fraudulent returns
  • Failure to pay all taxes

Punishment for Tax Crimes

  • Banks appointed as agents, in terms ofSection 179 of The Tax Administration Act of 2011, to debit funds from your account, plus interest!
  • Hefty USP’s(Understatement Penalties) raised
  • Seizure of your assets
  • Civil prosecutions leading to a prison sentence.
  • Also note, that sometimes taxpayers are punished, when no crime has been committed.


  • SARS can be challenged, and disputes will be resolved.
  • Available to you, are remedies through Objections, Appeals and suspension of action. Further avenues, like ADR Tribunals, The Tax Board, The Tax Court and High Court are at your disposal, to use in your defence.
  • We can take on your tax matter.
  • We have the experience in all forums, to ensure a successful resolution of any tax matter.

 By Sean Goss

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